Scalable And Flexible Plant Phenotyping Solutions To Support Agriculture's Digital Transformation

As scientists, we understand that you are developing agricultural products and need to make decisions on which practice, genetics, chemistry, biological, application or sowing rate maximizes the value of your technology. We have spent our careers understanding plants and building tools that can revolutionize the way plants can be assessed. And now, we are focused on bringing the power of image analytics to your research program.

Satellites, Drones, Phenomobiles, IoT and Smartphones

We have production grade data processing pipelines for autonomous robots, drone, handheld devices and satellites. We can help guide you to the device strategy that will address your specific needs and recommend specific sensors that will get your job done.

Uncover New Ways To Assess Plants

At Hiphen, we can assess plant behavior at every phenological stage with advanced algorithms and AI-powered techniques. With our traits catalog, we deliver ready to use data that augment your crop knowledge and help you take the right decisions, at the right time. Discover a wide range of use cases and solutions we have already developed within our phenotyping portfolio.

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A Team Of Agtech Experts Focused On Delivering Excellence


At Hiphen we’ve assembled a multicultural team of experts laser focused on making high throughput image analysis accessible to the agricultural research community.

Our platform is designed for production-grade plant phenotyping image analysis, but we also maintain a custom solutions group that can tailor agricultural imaging tools to your agronomic challenges.


Far from being just a business, we are also an active member of the research community we serve. As members of UMT CAPTE we support and collaborate on the development of remote sensing solutions for phenotyping.

Together with CAPTE we have published over 40 scientific papers to demonstrate the efficiency of our methods and the expertise we have gathered across so many different in-field plant phenotyping applications.

Our story

The journey started back in 2014 with the goal to make operational the results of years of scientific research about plant measurements and phenotyping in order to support the digital transformation of the agricultural sector.

Hiphen keeps on growing and is now the home of 20 talented agronomists, crop scientists, engineers and project managers dedicated to making your life easier and to tackle your phenotyping ambitions.

Our Scientific Partners

In a constantly evoluting world, Hiphen's aim is to help the agricultural sector to better understand the upcoming challenges they will face. With the idea to bring the latests advancements in plant phenotyping and crop assessment to the whole agricultural sector, we have created our own blog that deals with innovation, digital agriculture, crop science, plant phenotyping research and development, and much more. Enjoy!


Our Homegrown Data Platform To Monitor Crop Behavior

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