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Cloverfield™ is our in-house phenotyping data platform, designed to assist agricultural researchers in scaling up plant assessments with greater repeatability, precision, and consistency. It provides a comprehensive data platform that enables you to extract valuable insights from your crop images, covering traits distribution, analytics dashboard, and campaign management among other great features.
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We are committed to meeting the evolving needs of crop researchers, and reimagined the way we articulate our Cloverfield™ Glossary with this this purpose in mind. This new intuitive format helps to parse the 70+ phenotypic traits we process routinely every year. Traits are grouped in explicit agronomic themes, with definitions and visuals to be transparent with regards to methodology. The new version places a strong emphasis on five distinct trait categories:

  1. Biomass Proxy: Offering traits that help to accurately select or eliminate plots based on their productivity
  2. Canopy Development: Focusing on plants' capacity to handle its environment
  3. Trial Quality: Assessing the quality and performance of crop trials.
  4. Plant Stress: Analyzing crop's photosynthetic activity and its resilience to biotic or abiotic stress
  5. Harvest Index & Quality: Evaluating yield potential and harvest quality

What's new with this new version?


These categories have been carefully curated to cater to the unique needs of agronomic researchers, providing you with a more precise and comprehensive understanding of phenotypic measures available off-the-shelf for your crops.

With this new version, we are also unveiling our revamped interface for an enhanced user experience. Dive into an enriched journey of knowledge with our detailed visualizations and graphs, providing transparency into our advanced traits processing methodology.

Additionally, a powerful search functionality is now at your disposal to easily navigate the content of the glossary. Try it now!



Feel free to share this open online resource, establishing the new standards in digital phenotyping methodology for Ag research, with your fellow researchers to foster discussions within the scientific community. Moreover, we invite you to regularly check out this resource to keep up to date with the latest traits available. We eagerly anticipate collecting your feedback on this new traits' glossary. Your insights are valuable as we continue to advance in the field of agricultural research.


What is a Trait?


Cloverfield's Glossary is designed to offer definitions for the traits computed by HIPHEN. Alexis Comar, PhD describes a phenotypic trait as:
"A measurable characteristic of the plant or canopy. It is the result of combining raw data obtained from sensors such as cameras, lidar, spectrometers, etc., with an analytical method for interpretation. This process serves as the means to transform raw sensor data into meaningful metrics for agronomists."

We've shared previouosly on our blog a post about what is a phenotypic trait - Read it now.


A Quality-focused Team of Agronomists


Hiphen's roots are deep into crop science, which truly sets us apart in the digital phenotyping realm. We gather a decade of experience and an unwavering commitment to agricultural research to ensure that our solutions align with your objectives.
The new and improved Cloverfield Glossary is a testament to our dedication to empowering you with the tools you need to make informed decisions and optimize your agricultural practices.



We invite you to explore the new traits' glossary and ask your Hiphen Campaign Manager should you have any question.

Stay tuned for the next Cloverfield™ features release update next April.

Your Hiphen Success Team.