Find The Right Device and Combination of Sensors For Your Phenotyping Needs

We have production grade image processing pipelines for ground based vehicles, drone, handheld devices and satellites. We can help guide you to the phenotyping devices strategy that will address your specific needs. We can also recommend specific sensors that we know will get your job done.

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Phenomobiles: Ground Based Vehicles

For organizations with high number of plots and deep phenotyping needs, ground-based systems bring unparalleled capabilities thanks to their high image resolution and sensor choices. Hiphen is the exclusive retailer of fully autonomous phenotyping robots, developed by INRAE and Arvalis, called Phenomobiles.

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Drones: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Drones have revolutionized in-field phenotyping by making the image acquisition faster, easier, more accessible and more precise than ever before. At Hiphen, we can extract valuable agronomic traits from a wide range of sensors such as RGB, multispectral, thermal, and also LiDAR to answer specific phenotyping needs.

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IoT & Smartphone

The most accessible imaging device is the smartphone you carry in your pocket. Our smartphone app is designed to facilitate data acquisition, it carries out image quality control steps, and it speeds up the delivery of your agronomic traits to our cloud or to your information system. We also have pipeline for IoT devices for an unmatched in-field monitoring.

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Satellites: True Remote Sensing

We connect to multiple satellite constellations that can deliver daily images with ultra-high image resolution and at scale. Breeders use it to phenotype microplots, while farming cooperatives use it to inform their harvest logistics decisions across hundreds of fields.

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Custom-made Imaging Systems

We can help you to solve your unique agronomic challenges with our R&D expertise. Each year, our bespoke solutions team creates image analytics applications tailored to very specific needs in fields or greenhouses conditions that could not otherwise be delivered.

Need Assistance While Choosing Your Phenotyping Device?