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Founded in 2014, Hiphen have been solving crop researchers phenotyping ambitions ever since. We have learned a great deal along the way about best practices for RGB, multispectral, 3D or thermal sensors to measure plants in-field, all the way to bespoke measurement systems to be mounted on tractors, forklifts, robots or designed specifically for greenhouses. With that expertise at hand, we are able to deliver valuable agronomic traits for almost every applications, and we can also provide tailor-made solutions to develop your own application upon request. Thus, we are now offering four off-the-shelf plant phenotyping solutions - for sure there is one that fits your needs!

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PhenoScale® is our ready-to-use solution to help you access frictionless phenotyping with drones. Scale up your crop assessments and access a wide range of phenotyping traits & outputs, actionable today with PhenoScale®.

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PhenoMobile® is our solution to make ultra-precise plant assessments with very high-resolution imaging equipment. Ground-based phenotyping offers, at least, the ability to detect and quantify diseases and also to make early-season yield estimations.

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PhenoStation® is our solution to bring crop image analytics to greenhouses with a range of custom-made systems that adapts to your specific conditions, with data that can be easily integrated into your databases and management softwares.

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PhenoResearch® is your go-to solution to develop your own phenotyping application. With this solution, we put our expertise of high-throughput plant phenotyping at your disposal to develop custom R&D projects.

Can Image Analytics Help With Your Phenotyping Needs?

Get actionable insights about your crops with our plant phenotyping solutions. Share your ambitions with our team and let us help you achieve them.