Scientifically Engineered Plant Phenotyping

Founded in 2014, we have been solving crop researchers problems ever since. We have learned a great deal along the way about best practices for RGB, multispectral or thermal sensors to measure plants in-field, all the way to bespoke measurement systems to be mounted on tractors, forklifts, robots or designed specifically for greenhouses. With that expertise at hand, we offer three main plant phenotyping solutions - for sure there is one that fits your needs!


Our production-grade image processing and analysis platform Cloverfield helps to deliver more data per dollar you spend on your research.


We can help you to solve your toughest challenges in production, processing or researching crops.  Our custom solutions group can tailor image analysis applications to tackle your agronomic challenges. Our R&D process is designed to create the right application for your project to help you to digitize your crop assessment and deliver value to your team efficiently.


As we have generated new data for researchers, we have realized we also have the responsibility to help you to extract maximum value from these data results. We have the skills to generate interactive data analysis, narratives, and visualizations to efficiently embed our data into your decision-making process.

Can Image Analytics Help With Your Phenotyping Needs?

Get actionable insights about your crops with our tailored made solutions. Share your project with us, let's discuss it and get a free trial.