We Are A Scientific And Innovation-Driven Team

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Our Commitment

At Hiphen we have assembled a team of agronomists, image processing engineers, software engineers and data scientists who are laser focused on making high-throughput plant phenotyping accessible to the agricultural research community. We design plant assessment solutions that are actioned routinely by our clients, and we also develop bespoke image analytics applications that are tailor-made to tackle very specific agronomic challenges.

We have committed our careers to data excellency and to uncover new phenotypic traits by innovating together with the scientific research community with whom we continuously create, test and validate new methods to help solve the current agronomic challenges and those that are yet to come.

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Our Expertise And Knowledge

Each year, we process millions of crop images coming from the Americas to Europe, Africa and Asia. We have extensive experience converting crop images from satellites, drones, phenomobiles and smartphones into valuable agronomic traits. We have production-grade image analytic pipelines for major crops like wheat, barley, sorghum, maize, soy, sunflower, vines, canola, flax, potato, carrots and more. More importantly, what makes the difference is that we do not stop at providing a plant measure, but we help our clients to interpret the data and to embed it into their decision-making process since we are obssessed with the idea that our data should be useful to you. In that sense we provide a frictionless phenotyping experience by helping you to define your projects and the appropriate traits all the way through to giving you access to your traits results and analytics online.

Meet Our Team Of Experts Making Phenotyping Frictionless

Dive deeper into what makes Hiphen so unique: talented agronomists and engineers. Discover the stories of our scientists on making image analytics more accessible.

Alexis COMAR

JinYi WU
R&D Engineer

R&D Project Facilitator

Business Lead Development

Director of Operations

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Image Analysis Specialist

R&D Director

Fabien MIART
Project Leader

Our Technical and Scientific Partners

Together with our technical and scientific partners across the world, we continuously innovate, test and validate new plant assessment methods. We are honored to be alongside them in a common pursuit of providing food security and environmental sustainability for the planet through agtech solutions.

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