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Assessing lignocellulosic biomass production from crop residues in the European Union: Modelling, analysis of the current scenario and drivers of interannual variability

Authors : Garcia-Condado, Sara; Lopez-Lozano, Raul; Panarello, Lorenzo; Cerrani, Iacopo; Nisini, Luigi; Zucchini, Antonio; Van der Velde, Marijn; Baruth, BettinaGarcia-Condado, Sara; Lopez-Lozano, Raul; Panarello, Lorenzo; Cerrani, Iacopo; Nisini, Luigi; Zucchini, Antonio; Van der Velde, Marijn; Baruth, Bettina | Abstract : This study assesses crop residues in the EU from major

Ear Density Estimation from High Resolution RGB Imagery using Deep Learning Technique

Authors : Madec, Simon; Jin, Xiuliang; Lu, Hao; De Solan, Benoit; Liu, Shouyang; Duyme, Florent; Heritier, Emmanuelle; Baret, Frederic | Abstract : Wheat ear density estimation is an appealing trait for plant breeders. Current manual counting is tedious and inefficient. In this study we investigated the potential of convolutional neural


Estimation of leaf traits from reflectance measurements: comparison between methods based on vegetation indices and several versions of the PROSPECT model

Authors : Jiang, Jingyi; Comar, Alexis; Burger, Philippe; Bancal, Pierre; Weiss, Marie; Baret, Frederic | Abstract : Background: Leaf biochemical composition corresponds to traits related to the plant state and its functioning. This study puts the emphasis on the main leaf absorbers: chlorophyll a and b (C-ab), carotenoids (C-c), water


Combining hectometric and decametric satellite observations to provide near real time decametric FAPAR product

Authors : Li, Wenjuan; Baret, Frederic; Weiss, Marie; Buis, Samuel; Lacaze, Roselyne; Demarez, Valerie; Dejoux, Jean-francois; Battude, Marjorie; Camacho, Fernando | Abstract : A wide range of ecological, agricultural, hydrological and meteorological applications at local to regional scales requires decametric biophysical data. However, before the launch of SENTINEL-2A, only few

Reassessment of the temperature-emissivity separation from multispectral thermal infrared data: Introducing the impact of vegetation canopy by simulating the cavity effect with the SAIL-Thermique model

Authors : Jacob, Frederic; Lesaignoux, Audrey; Olioso, Albert; Weiss, Marie; Caillault, Karine; Jacquemoud, Stephane; Nerry, Francoise; French, Andrew; Schmugge, Thomas; Briottet, Xavier; Lagouarde, Jean-Pierre | Abstract : We investigated the use of multispectral thermal imagery to retrieve land surface emissivity and temperature. Conversely to concurrent methods, the temperature emissivity separation


Estimation of Biophysical Variables from Satellite Observations

Authors : Baret, Frederic | Abstract : The supply of biophysical variables derived from satellite observations serves several applications related to agriculture, the environment, resource management and the climate. Moreover, these same variables may be acquired at a range of scales:. -at the very local level, the use of precision

Temporal Techniques in Remote Sensing of Global Vegetation

Authors : Verger, Aleixandre; Kandasamy, Sivasathivel; Baret, Frederic | Abstract : Time series processing is an important ingredient of a biophysical algorithm in order to get the expected continuous and smooth dynamics required by many applications. Several temporal techniques have been proposed to reduce noise and fill gaps in the

Data Service Platform for Sentinel-2 Surface Reflectance and Value-Added Products: System Use and Examples

Authors : Vuolo, Francesco; Zoltak, Mateusz; Pipitone, Claudia; Zappa, Luca; Wenng, Hannah; Immitzer, Markus; Weiss, Marie; Baret, Frederic; Atzberger, Clement | Abstract : This technical note presents the first Sentinel-2 data service platform for obtaining atmospherically-corrected images and generating the corresponding value-added products for any land surface on Earth. Using

Forest species mapping using airborne hyperspectral APEX data

Authors : Tagliabue, Giulia; Panigada, Cinzia; Colombo, Roberto; Fava, Francesco; Cilia, Chiara; Baret, Frederic; Vreys, Kristin; Meuleman, Koen; Rossini, Micol | Abstract : The accurate mapping of forest species is a very important task in relation to the increasing need to better understand the role of the forest ecosystem within

2014 - 2015

A Generic Algorithm to Estimate LAI, FAPAR and FCOVER Variables from SPOT4 HRVIR and Landsat Sensors: Evaluation of the Consistency and Comparison with Ground Measurements

Authors : Li, Wenjuan; Weiss, Marie; Waldner, Francois; Defourny, Pierre; Demarez, Valerie; Morin, David; Hagolle, Olivier; Baret, Frederic | Abstract : The leaf area index (LAI) and the fraction of photosynthetically active radiation absorbed by green vegetation (FAPAR) are essential climatic variables in surface process models. FCOVER is also important

Green area index from an unmanned aerial system over wheat and rapeseed crops

Authors : Verger, Aleixandre; Vigneau, Nathalie; Cheron, Corentin; Gilliot, Jean-Marc; Comar, Alexis; Baret, Frederic | Abstract : Unmanned airborne systems (UAS) technology opens new horizons in precision agriculture for effective characterization of the variability in crop state at high spatial resolution and high revisit frequency. Green area index (GAI) is

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