The CAPTE Unit is Dedicated To Developing Tools & Methods For An Efficient Use Of Remote Sensing In Agriculture

CAPTE is a joint research unit dedicated to developing tools and methods for an efficient use of sensors and remote sensing in agriculture. Along with Hiphen’s team of 20+ engineers, agronomists and IT specialists, CAPTE involves scientists from INRAE, Arvalis, Terres Inovia, Geves, CTIFL, ACTA, and ITB. You can consult the series of 40+ scientific papers we published since 2014 below.

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Sharing The Lessons Learned From 8 Years Of In-field Plant Phenotyping Research

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The CAPTE Workshop

The CAPTE Workshop is an event dedicated to introduce the lessons leraned following 8 years of in-field plant phenotyping research by the CAPTE research unit. You will discover the latest advancements in plant phenotyping tools and methods for an efficient use of remote sensing in agriculture. Brought to you by the CAPTE unit, this one-of-a-kind event will immerse you in the understanding of modern agricultural imaging techniques through plenary sessions but also through in-field practical cases & applications.