Project Overview 

SIMONE will identify, deliver, and evaluate innovations that involve technical, environmental, and economic dimensions. By fostering cooperation among diverse actors, SIMONE seeks to enhance rural linkages and bolster agricultural sustainability across North-West Europe. 


Project initiatives 

  • On Farm experiments will be set up for weed management, crop nutrition and crop resilience. Co-creation will be the basis of each on farm experiment. The farms are involved in a living lab. Each region will have one living lab where actors exchange knowledge. 
  • Demonstrations and international exchanges: for the duration of the project, we will organize international visits to living so that we can inform farmers, advisors, policy makers… about the potential of on farm experimentation and innovative solutions. 
  • Education: students will be involved in the living labs and results will be implemented in course material. 

Key Objectives 

  • Living Lab Engagement: SIMONE engages in six living labs strategically positioned across NWE's rural areas. These living labs serve as collaborative platforms where stakeholders from various backgrounds converge to co-design and test innovative solutions tailored to local needs. 
  • Methodological Framework Development: A robust methodological framework is being developed to adapt and apply a shared knowledge model within each living lab. This framework facilitates the identification and prediction of the combined effects of agroecological measures on input reduction and crop establishment at the system level. 
  • On-Farm Experimentation (OFE): Partners in the SIMONE project work directly with farmers to implement and evaluate agroecological practices and equipment on their farms. Through OFE, at least 50 farmers receive support in setting up trials, monitoring progress, and accessing cutting-edge smart technologies. 



Total project budget: €5.4 million
Financial support from Interreg NWE: €2.8 million 



Arvalis (FR), Inagro (BE), Hiphen (FR), MTU (IE), Agroscope (CH), VIVES (BE), VanDenBorne (NL), CRA-W (BE), SPNA (NL), ABC (FR) and BIONALES (DE).