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Cloverfield™ is our in-house phenotyping data platform, designed to assist agricultural researchers in scaling up plant assessments with greater repeatability, precision, and consistency. It provides a comprehensive data platform that enables you to extract valuable insights from your crop images, covering traits distribution, analytics dashboard, and campaign management among other great features.
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API integrations, Plot Scoring tool & new Analytics functionalities are now available in Cloverfield™, your plant phenotyping data platform.

We are thrilled to announce a significant upgrade to our Cloverfield™ online phenotyping data platform. With the release of the latest version, we are introducing new game-changing features that will enhance your experience and streamline your data management processes:

  1. Plot Scoring tool designed for crop researchers to digitize and scale their ground-truth scoring
  2. New Charts in the Analytics Tab
    1. The Genotype Analyzer designed for breeders to sort and inspect the performance of your genotypes
    2. The Modality Profiler designed for ag-input producers to assess the impact of their crop protection products
  3. Cloverfield™ API designed to facilitate the integration of your digital phenotyping data into your organization's data management system

Plot Scoring


Screenshot of the Plot Scoring Tool interface in Cloverfield™.

The Plot Scoring tool is a game-changer in digital phenotyping and genotype assessment. Now, you can define your own scoring scales (numerical or categorical) and annotate plot images at the phenological stage of interest.  The scores will then appear next to the digital traits allowing you to boost and scale your genotype assessments. Directly from Cloverfield, you can now deploy ground-truth annotations at scale for various applications such as plant lodging, disease resilience, plot quality and much more. The Plot Scoring Tool empowers you to augment your phenotypic information with precision and efficiency.

Rate your plots with your own rules directly in Cloverfield™ using the Plot Scoring Tool.



New Charts in the Analytics Tab


  • The Genotype Analyzer graph:

This new functionality allows you to select the agronomic variables you would like to compare on a scatter plot. It is designed to assist breeders in comparing digital traits, facilitating the identification of outliers and trends within your nurseries or field trials. It actually nicely complements the Plot Scoring Tool. Imagine scoring your images, saving this ground-truth as a new trait, and then inspecting how it stacks up against digital traits such as vigor, flowering, and biomass proxies directly from the Genotype Analyzer. This dynamic combination enhances your ability to glean valuable insights from your phenomics data.

Compare Plots using the Genotype Analyzer graph in Cloverfield™.


  • The Modality Profiler graph:

This box plot was added at the request of crop protection specialists to efficiently assess the impact of their products per experiment. It is now very simple and quick to check how your crop responded to the various treatments applied, which we refer to as modalities. It marks the first step into analytical features designed specifically for crop protection use cases and you can expect more to follow in the next year.

Identify outliers in product development trials using the Modality Profiler graph in Cloverfield™.




  • What Are APIs?

APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, are a set of protocols and tools that allow different software applications to communicate and exchange data with one another. In the context of Cloverfield™, our APIs enable you to seamlessly connect your management or proprietary software to our platform, facilitating automated data transfer, including both uploads and downloads.


  • Integration Within Your Data Flow

Global breeding companies are already using Cloverfield™ APIs to seamlessly connect their information system to ours. Newly acquired data is programmatically pushed to Cloverfield™ and results are automatically retrieved and published into their data lakes. Security is of the essence here as well, with Hiphen's security compliance reaching high standards to guarantee safe data transactions. Our documentation will guide your team of IT experts to connect and we are at your disposal to accompany you should you need any assistance from our software team.

At Hiphen, the team is committed to using our software expertise to help you achieve more season after season. We believe that the addition of Cloverfield™ APIs is a significant step towards making your data management smoother, more efficient, and more powerful.

Read the public documentation online by clicking the image link