At Hiphen, we accompany our clients towards each step of their plant phenotyping journey with the goal to provide a hassle-free experience and to deliver excellence in data quality. Drone data acquisition is often the starting point of your phenotyping project, and if not executed correctly, your agronomist team is likely to receive poor quality results. The Hiphen Academy is all about limiting this risk.

Like most of the agro-companies we serve around the world, you are looking at internalizing field data acquisition, which means training your own crew to fly drones across your field trials. We believe that it is the best way for you to reach a viable scale vs. economic balance, but in this process clients have to consider the following 5 criteria:

  1. How can I most effectively train my people to acquire quality data ?
  2. How do I standardize acquisition and ensure all my drone pilots use the same methodology and protocols ?
  3. How can I accelerate their training process and avoid making the same mistakes other experts have already encountered ?
  4. How can I stay on top of technology to make sure I’m not stuck with a cumbersome data acquisition method ?
  5. How can I best sensibilize my drone pilots about the importance of their role in making plant data talk ?


Well, the Hiphen Academy is your very own e-learning platform that has been developed to provide answers to these questions. It contains all the in-depth knowledge we gathered over the past 7 years of in-field missions worldwide, which took us almost 2 years to package cleverly in a user-friendly online learning platform.

When we started designing this resource, we quickly realized that it was important to emphasize that it is not aimed at teaching how to fly a drone – drone is easy, anyone can operate a drone these days – but rather at explaining how to fly a drone for agriculture!

Many times in the past we ended up exchanging with clients who had just outsourced drone acquisition to an external provider, expecting this partner to expertly deliver good data. However, some clients had bad experiences since the drone pilots did not have a sound understanding or sensitivity about the parameters and protocols they should be using to measure plant features. Drone flights should not all be treated as equals if you are interested in computing wheat head density than if you want to assess plant height or vegetation indices – which are traits that can be achieved with less-demanding KPIs.

The Hiphen Academy contains 6 courses and 45 lessons dedicated to drone plant phenotyping, representing 8+ hours of training, all based on real-life experience. You can consume this premium content at your own pace to kick things off, but the story doesn’t stop here. It is invaluable to also provide you with the ability to ask questions to our team of experts and to receive their feedback on your very own data acquisitions to guide you all the way through until you become fully autonomous.

The Hiphen Academy is the first and the only one e-learning platform of its kind dedicated to crop researchers from plant breeding or crop protection companies around the world, who want to get the most of their field experiments data. The following video will introduce you to this intuitive and user-friendly e-learning platform:

As Alexandra explained in this video, the Hiphen Academy is composed of 6 courses that cover in detail all the know-how required before, during and after the drone flight. This knowledge is accessible via a single e-learning platform built to let you learn flawlessly and at your own pace.


A full demo of the Hiphen Academy has been made in a previous webinar. You can watch the replay HERE

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