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Cloverfield™ is our in-house phenotyping data platform, designed to assist agricultural researchers in scaling up plant assessments with greater repeatability, precision, and consistency. It provides a comprehensive data platform that enables you to extract valuable insights from your crop images, covering traits distribution, analytics dashboard, and campaign management among other great features.
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New features have been added to Cloverfield™, your plant phenotyping online platform. Embark on a smoother plant breeding adventure with Hiphen's latest addition: Dynamic Filtering.

Optimize your breeding scheme by effortlessly filtering your genetic material in a few clicks within Cloverfield™.

Interactively combine traits and set thresholds to filter out under-performing genotypes, or pinpoint the top-performing material you want to advance to the next stage.

New Project Scope


Define more precisely your analytics profile. Specify more precisely the experiments, modalities and layers that you which to study and/or compare. You can create multiple profiles for the same trial site.


Dynamic Filtering in Cloverfield

One step further in making your digital phenotyping experience frictionless with Hiphen, you're now able to make a detailed analysis of your data directly in Cloverfield™. You can easily combine traits and set for each one thresholding boundaries outside of which you wish to eliminate genetic material. For instance, one could set independent min-max thresholds for traits like plant biovolume, flower cover, stay green and lodging and see dynamically what share of the trial genetic material he/she is eliminating. This functionality will take you ever closer to reaching your ideotypes more efficiently than ever before!


User value: Apply multiple criteria filtering on your genetic material and dynamically eliminate under-performing genotypes based on your ideotype recipe.


Use Cases:

  • Run pre-selection rounds during the campaign to identify the plots you wish to score manually or to harvest ;
  • Place filters on trait results to select the top-performing genetic material you wish to take to the next breeding stage.



We invite you to explore the new dynamic filtering feature with the online INTERACTIVE TOUR. And please reach out to your Hiphen Campaign Manager should you have any question.

Stay tuned for the next Cloverfield™ features release update next month.

Your Hiphen Success Team.