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Cloverfield™ is our in-house phenotyping data platform, designed to assist agricultural researchers in scaling up plant assessments with greater repeatability, precision, and consistency. It provides a comprehensive data platform that enables you to extract valuable insights from your crop images, covering traits distribution, analytics dashboard, and campaign management among other great features.
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Cloverfield v2.8.0 - October 04th, 2023

New features have recently been added to Cloverfield™, your plant phenotyping online platform, and in this blog post we are going to take a deeper dive into those 6 new features:

  1. Create and edit a new trial site
  2. New gallery to visualize plot clips through time in 1-click
  3. Multispectral plot clips available for future flights
  4. Add plot clips and graphs to your presentations in 1-click
  5. Grouped filters added to the campaign monitoring tool
  6. Search bar added to analyze a specific plot

1️⃣ Create and edit a new trial site

You can now autonomously manage the creation of new trial sites directly through Cloverfield™. Add a new location or change its name without having to ask your Hiphen Campaign Manager. Only accessible for users with 'Admin' rights assigned to the contract.

💎 User value: Save time and be autonomous with your campaign management.

⚙️ Use Cases:

  • You have collected data on a new trial site and want to upload it via Cloverfield;
  • Simply add a new site to your list and change its name later on if needed;
  • You can now upload data and refer to the site in the analytics tool.


2️⃣ New plot clips visualization gallery

Clicking on a plot in the map view will give you access to a new window that displays next to each other the plot images from each flight. You can now efficiently visualize a single plot’s evolution through time in one click.

The new window also provides the trait results computed for the selected plot at the selected date. Finally, a new spider chart helps to efficiently assess how the plot performed versus the trial’s mean.

💎 User value: Access plot information and history at once for faster
inspection and decision-making during the campaign.

⚙️ Use Cases:

  • Compare the visual aspect of your plots with the plot clips at each date displayed in a single window.
  • Take a deeper dive into the behavior of a specific plot.


3️⃣ Multispectral plot clips

For future multispectral flights, RGB plot clips will be generated from the orthomosaic and posted into the analytics tool. Just as it is the case for RGB flights, you’ll then be able to inspect multispectral plot imagery in more details directly from Cloverfield™.

💎 User value: Check the raw image of your plot acquired with a MS sensor.

⚙️ Use Cases:

  • Compare the visual aspect of your plots with the multispectral plot clips.
  • Take a deeper dive into the behavior of a specific plot.


4️⃣ Download plot clips and graphs

Download graphs displayed in the Analytics tool and any plot clips to insert them into your presentations and internal communication. The file format will be an image (.webp) which will following the following file naming convention: site name_date_plot name.webp.

💎 User value: Boost your internal communication about the results of your
trial programs.

⚙️ Use Cases:

  • Insert graphs and plot clips easily in a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Share data results with your colleagues via email.
  • Put together visual content to highlight the value of your research.


5️⃣ Grouped filters in the monitoring tool

We have refreshed the design of the monitoring tool that keeps you informed of the data processing progress for each flight you upload. The page ergonomics has been improved and we added new filters based on your feedback. You can now group specific filters to get a more granular and custom progress tracking update. Filters include campaign, region, country, crop and sensor type.

You can also filter flags and comments posted by your Hiphen Campaign Manager in a more intuitive manner. This allows you to very efficiently focus on datasets that require your attention.

💎 User value: Get all the transparency you need about data processing
progress, pinpoint flights that require attention and use this tracking tool for your own internal reporting.

⚙️ Use Cases:

  • Know where we stand in your data processing journey for every trial sites
  • Parse any flights that require your attention and reach out to your drone acquisition provider if data quality is at stake.
  • Organize your calendar when you see that results are set to be delivered soon.


6️⃣ 'Search a plot' feature

In the map and analytics pages, at the top right corner of the map, enter a specific plot name in the search bar to pinpoint its position on the plot map and select it.

Once the search bar is used, we will automatically suggest you to add the plot of interest to the 'plot exploration' section of the analytics page.

💎 User value: Save time exploring specific plots of interest.

⚙️ Use Cases:

  • Check how a plot that you were suspicious about at a previous date performs now.
  • Compare the performance of a specific plot that you've sampled against ground truth data or visual scoring.


For more information, reach out to your Hiphen Campaign Manager.
Stay tuned for the next Cloverfield™ features release update next month.

Your Hiphen Success Team.