In this first episode, Alexis Comar (Hiphen Founder & CEO) asks Professor Frédéric Baret (Research Director at INRA EMMAH) about the purpose of UMT CAPTE.

UMT CAPTE is a scientific research unit based in Avignon (France) and specialised in developing methods and technologies for high-throughput plant phenotyping applications. The state-of-the-art technology and precision tools developed at UMT CAPTE help to overcome agricultural and environmental challenges faced by the actors within the agriculture industry.

The strength of this research unit lies in the close collaboration between Technical Institutes such as ArvalisHiphen (a privately-owned company) and the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA).

Associate partners include: Terres InoviaITBCTIFLGeves and ACTA.

UMT CAPTE was created in January 2013 and is approved by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food to develop tools and methods for an efficient use of sensors and remote sensing in agriculture.

As such, CAPTE stands for "CAPteurs (sensors) et TELedectection (remote sensing)".

To learn more about the projects led by CAPTE members, and the methods and solutions we introduced, please visit our CAPTE website or contact us at A list of the 40+ scientific papers we published since our inception is also available in our archive.