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Cloverfield™ is our in-house phenotyping data platform, designed to assist agricultural researchers in scaling up plant assessments with greater repeatability, precision, and consistency. It provides a comprehensive data platform that enables you to extract valuable insights from your crop images, covering traits distribution, analytics dashboard, and campaign management among other great features.
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Cloverfield v2.16.0 - June 26th, 2024

New features have been added to Cloverfield™, your plant phenotyping online platform. With these additions, we continue to make your digital phenotyping journey frictionless and to allow you to optimize your breeding schemes with always more advanced and efficient analytical capabilities. 

New features include:

  • Control Variety Tagging
  • Random Plot Selector
  • Visual Plot Rating 
  • Imagery Quality Control

Control Variety

Declare your control varieties (check plots) within your trial and identify them clearly in the Analytics section in Cloverfield for better trait analysis.

User value: This functionality helps to enhance your analytics.

Use case: Very efficiently benchmark your plots or genotypes against your control varieties (check plots) within your trial.


Random Plot Selector

This new feature has been added to allow you to select a random sample of plot or genotypes in a few clicks. Simply select the sample size of interest and analyze your selection or use it to score visually your plots and genotypes via the Plot Rating tool.

User value: This feature paves the way for phenomic prediction use cases and more advanced analytical projects.

Use Cases: Select a random sample of plots or genotypes and visually score them (e.g., disease score, or lodging score). Then let us extrapolate your visual scores to the rest of the trial.


Visual Plot Rating (Update)

You can visually score your plots and genotypes directly via the Analytics section in Cloverfield. With this update, you can autonomously declare your scoring range and scales, whether you want a disease score ranging from 1 to 9 or categorical values such as "low", "medium", high". You can cumulate different scales during your visual assessment through Cloverfield™.

User value: Accelerate objective and consistent team-based visual scoring efforts from the confort of your office.

Use Cases: Visually score your plots and let us analyze how they stack up against drone metrics or let us extrapolate your visual scores to the rest of the trial. You can pick and choose the plots to rate via a quick graph selection or use the random plot selector.


Image Quality Control (Monitoring)

Quality checking new drone imagery you upload via Cloverfield is the first thing we do before processing your data. This new functionality allows you to see the quality control status of your flight directly from the Monitoring tool in Cloverfield. Your flight will be marked as "validated" if all is OK, or as "warning" or "rejected" if quality is not adequate. You can consult the report left by your Campaign Manager from this new foldable section. 

User value: Get imagery quality feedback within 24 hours of your data being uploaded and do not miss the opportunity to fly again if the quality of your first flight is not as expected.

Use Cases: Manage your drone pilots and access quality control reporting directly from Cloverfield. 


For more information, reach out to your Hiphen Campaign Manager.
Stay tuned for the next Cloverfield™ features release update next month.

Your Hiphen Success Team.