One year ago today, we had the privilege of organizing the #CAPTEWorkshop in our home town Avignon, France alongside INRAE and Arvalis. It was an enriching experience that brought together brilliant minds from around the world to discuss the latest advancements in plant phenotyping and agricultural imaging solutions.

The CAPTE Workshop provided an ideal platform for scientists, researchers, and industry leaders to share their knowledge, ideas, and innovations, paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient agriculture. The event showcased groundbreaking technologies and techniques that are revolutionizing the field of plant phenotyping and pushing the boundaries of agricultural imaging.

From cutting-edge imaging devices and remote sensing technologies to sophisticated data analysis tools, the workshop exhibited a wide array of solutions aimed at improving crop productivity, disease detection, and resource management in agriculture. The presentations, panel discussions, and hands-on demonstrations were nothing short of inspiring, highlighting the potential of these innovations to address global challenges such as food security and climate change.

Moreover, the workshop fostered a spirit of collaboration and knowledge exchange. Networking opportunities allowed the participants to connect with leading experts in the field, exchange ideas, and forge valuable partnerships. The sense of shared passion among all researchers was truly remarkable, creating an environment that nurtured creativity and innovation.

As we look back on this significant milestone, let's carry the knowledge, inspiration, and connections we gained at the #CAPTEWorkshop forward. Together, let's continue pushing the boundaries of innovation, leveraging the power of plant phenotyping and agricultural imaging to help answer the challenges of the 21st Century Agriculture.


🎬 (Re)discover the 4 sessions of the workshop in video 👉 HERE.

Your Hiphen Team.