At Hiphen, we dedicated the past five years to developing innovative methods for plant health measurements and give life to game-changing industrial solutions. Today, we are proud to see Hiphen and Moët Hennessy savoir-faire teaming up to keep making each grape and berry count.

The technology we deployed involves robotics and advanced Deep Learning techniques that can detect the presence of diseases, such as Botrytis, in each crate of grape flowing through the supply chain during harvest. The algorithms we developed therefore provides a quality indicator to each crate of grape and can assist Moët Hennessy experts during the sorting of the grapes at the wine press facilities.

We've made a specific webinar on this topic, so check it out to find out all about this initiative and have the opportunity to ask questions about our AI solution, the Deep Learning techniques we used, and how this type of technology has found its place in Moët Hennessy's unequaled winemaking savoir-faire.