Hiphen is proud to announce the launch of its partnership with Planet Labs, a leading satellite imagery provider with whom we are looking to enhance the range of solutions available to the agriculture sector - from plant breeders to farmers, cooperatives and agro-industrial actors.

Planet has launched satellite constellations such as PlanetScope (2009) and SkySat (2014) that today encompass more than 150 satellites in orbit that are able to image anywhere on Earth daily at 3 meter and 72 centimeter resolution. Using Planet's API and online tools, you can access 360M+ sq km of daily imagery to monitor extensive and distributed areas of interest (AOI), and analyze trends with PlanetScope and SkySat archives.

Planet believes that space can help life on earth. Today's agriculture falls into this vision and we are making change visible thanks our near daily imagery. Hiphen's applications and expertise can leverage this information into valuable insights at the speed of change. As such Hiphen has developed robust methods to deliver daily field imagery by constantly seeking means to merge satellite imagery with sensors and with the latest advancement in crop science in order to deliver always greater value to all players across the agri-sector.

Through this partnership, both companies can leverage their technology and expertise to provide a new dimension to precision agriculture applications - that so far where essentially relying on legacy methods and tools such as Sentinel-2 (with a 10 meter resolution, and a 5-days revisit frequency). While Sentinel-2 remains a valuable asset to the agriculture sector, at Hiphen we believe that the information that we can deliver with Planet is set to augment and improve these methods  - adding value to many actors in the sector and opening new perspectives to academics.

On November 7th 2019, Hiphen and Planet will be hosting a webinar that we encourage you to join to hear about the advantages behind this partnership and ask any burning questions. At this event, we will notably cover some of the hot use cases that we believe will change the game, notably explaining how plant breeders can leverage the Hiphen-Planet solution to monitor field experiments, or how we can help to improve support management tools for agro-industrial actors.

We look forward to answering your questions at this webinar.