A sensor by agronomists, for agronomy


The Key Features

  • Custom Configuration;
  • Select 6 spectral bands among 8 between 450 and 850 nm and take advantage of Airphen's double swath feature to increase the resolution of your data sets with less data as less overlapping is needed;
  • Customize your focal length with the combination of a 4,2 & 8mm focal lens to optimize overlapping and resolution;
  • Combine and synchronise Airphen with RGB or thermal sensors to acquire even more data;
  • Powerful analysis tools;
  • Airphen is provided with a dedicated Agisoft Photoscan plugin to quickly generate reflectance, VIs and radiometrically calibrated images;
  • Get value from your data with Cloverfield, our online analytics solution that can automate your data processing and derive a wide array of traits for your project;
  • Standard acquisition;
  • We can provide you the most appropriate operating procedures (SOP) to ensure optimal data acquisition with any device;
  • Depending on the traits you want to compute, we can deliver you advices on the acquisition procedures;
  • Easy to use camera;
  • Easy setup interface, accessible on computer, tablet or smartphone;
  • Acquisition can be started with a simple press of a button and is recorded on an easily transferable support (SD card or specific ethernet interface).

Technical Specifications

  • Low weight (200 g)
  • Low energy consumption (7 W/h)
  • Data recorded on SD card or Ethernet interface
  • Internal or External GPS
  • Built in Control Interface
  • Provided with : Internal GPS antenna, 2 batteries of 1000mAh, 32Gb SD card, Hard transport case
  • and much more...