What is plant senescence?

By definition, senescence refers to senescence speed of the plant. More senescence is low, and more vegetation stay green over time. Senescence is computed as the area above Fcover curve over time during reproductive stage.

Senescence trait is helpful to know which genotypes die faster or slower. This is a very powerful trait to better sort your trials


Content of the webinar

In this webinar, Alexis Comar and Joss Gillet from Hiphen present the latest advancements about modelling plant senescence with UAV data. The results we present in this webinar are the fruits of the R&D project we have been conducting for INRAE as part of the SUNRISE research program.

The webinar is structured around 4 key pillars:

  • Plant senescence: Why is important to measure this trait ?
  • UAV: Which sensor combination did we use to assess it ?
  • Methods: How to best model plant senescence in breeding trials ?
  • Cloverfield: How can Hiphen’s Cloverfield platform help you to automate this trait ?

We hope that you will enjoy this webinar and, as always, do not hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any questions or require any assistance with your plant phenotyping and crop monitoring projects.

The next webinar is on Thursday the 23rd of April during which we will invite Etienne David from ARVALIS to discuss how the Global Wheat Challenge is set to improve wheat spike counting, and how plant breeders and other actors interested in yield prediction can benefit from this AI-powered tech advancement.