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PhenoScale® is our ready-to-use solution to help you access frictionless phenotyping with drones. Scale up your crop assessments and access a wide range of phenotyping traits & outputs, actionable today with PhenoScale®.

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PhenoMobile® is our solution to make ultra-precise plant assessments with very high-resolution imaging equipment. Ground-based phenotyping offers, at least, the ability to detect and quantify diseases and also to make early-season yield estimations.

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PhenoStation® is our solution to bring crop image analytics to greenhouses with a range of custom-made systems that adapts to your specific conditions, with data that can be easily integrated into your databases and management softwares.

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PhenoResearch® is your go-to solution to develop your own phenotyping application. With this solution, we put our expertise of high-throughput plant phenotyping at your disposal to develop custom R&D projects.

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