May 11 - 13 2022


All Day

The CAPTE Workshop


The CAPTE Workshop is an event dedicated to introduce the lessons learned following 8 years of in-field plant phenotyping research by the CAPTE research unit. You will discover the latest advancements in plant phenotyping tools and methods for an efficient use of remote sensing in agriculture. Brought to you by the CAPTE research unit, this one-of-a-kind event will immerse you in the understanding of modern agricultural imaging techniques through plenary sessions but also through in-field practical cases & applications.

High-throughput plant phenotyping under field conditions beneficiated from huge advancement in vehicles, sensors, and interpretation methods during the last decade. In France, the Phenome project and the CAPTE team largely contributed to develop efficient methods that are now operated routinely over field experiments by several public institutions and private companies including HIPHEN.

We wanted to organize a workshop with colleagues in France, Europe and abroad to discuss the state of the art of high-throughput plant phenotyping under field conditions. It will be also the opportunity to draw possible avenues of future research either from an improved exploitation of the current systems, or to design new systems.

The workshop will take place at Avignon University, in the center of the old city, during the 11th and 12th of May. Plenary sessions will be organized to cover the state traits (structural, morphological, biochemical, sanitary), the dynamics and functional traits and some use cases. The workshop will focus on great crops including wheat, maize, sunflower, and sugar beet which received most attention.

About 100 invited people are expected to be present physically, while the workshop will be also accessible from the web. On the 13th of May a visit will be organized in the Gréoux-les-Bains installation that concentrates several high-throughput field phenotyping systems.

The event is finished.