The company

The focus of HIPHEN is to provide integrated, ready to use solutions to characterize plant traits. 

HIPHEN story started in 2009 from the close collaboration between top researchers in remote sensing, crop modelling and agronomists to simplify characterization of crop status in  the field.

They first developped realistic models to simulate crop architecture and mimic sensor measurements, to optimize of the system design and data improve the data processing.

Further, collaborations with engineers in optronics, mechanics, robotics and data processing allowed to design and produce prototypes for measuring the desired variables. Several tools and methods have been developped, based on these studies and successfully tested.


HIPHEN is a spin-off of INRA and ARVALIS. It was created in 2014 to industrialize the production of sensing systems and support end-users.

We now strive to provide robust, easy to use and high quality systems to characterize plants in fields, with special emphasis on system design and data processing.