Bosch field sensor

Closer to your crop, at any time of the day.

Our monitoring device to assess your crop health in real-time.
An IoT product developed by our partner Bosch.

Robust design

Developed by Bosch, a proven leader in industrial design.

Multiple indicators

Gather in-field data relating to soil, weather, and vegetation to boost your decision making.

Combined with satellite

Combine satellites and IoT data to get a daily mapping of your field.

Web Interface

Access all data and insights in real-time from anywhere via our web interface.

Key features

Follow the evolution of the phenological stages of your crop

Once the field sensors are installed and connected, we start by focusing on the detection of phenological stages which represent the backbone of our analytics framework.

Monitor any stress based on robust data models

Get alerts about any water, temperature and nitrogen stresses in your fields and combine it with crop models and your local expertise to manage your crop.

Yield prediction

The information collected by Bosch Field Sensor can help to inform yield prediction models, from detecting the flowering date to predicting the harvest date and yield to help you plan your logistics.

Detect diseases

We successfully developed a disease detection system for fusarium and we are continuously improving our models and pipelines. If you want to detect specific diseases, contact us, we'll be thrilled to help you out.

Bosch Field Sensors can improve your decision making with concrete data.

Bosch Field Sensors can improve your decision making with concrete data.

about Hiphen

Hiphen was created in 2014 with the goal to make operational the results of years of scientific research about plant measurements and phenotyping in order to support the digital transformation of the agricultural sector… learn more.


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