A sensor by agronomists,
for agronomy

Our homegrown multispectral camera developed for high precision plant phenotyping compatible with any device and vehicle.​
Airphen transparent

Flexible use and high quality

Easy integration on any device

Key features


Select the spectral bands, customize your focal length and/or combine Airphen with RGB or thermal sensors to acquire even more data.

Standardised acquisition

To ensure you hit the best data quality, we can provide you with the most appropriate standard operating procedures (SOP) developed over years of experiments with our partners.

Easy to use

With a simple interface accessible with the camera, Airphen is easy to setup and customizable.

Powerful analysis

Get value from your data with Cloverfield, our online analytics solution that can automate your data processing and to derive a wide array of traits for your project.

Technical specifications

  • Low weigth (200 g)
  • Low comsumption (7 W/h)
  • Data recorded on SD card or Ethernet interface
  • Internal or External GPS
  • Built in Control Interface
  • Provided with : Internal GPS antenna, 2 batteries of 1000mAh, 32Gb SD card, Hard transport case
  • and much more...

Interested by our multispectral camera ?

Interested by our multispectral camera ?

about Hiphen

Hiphen was created in 2014 with the goal to make operational the results of years of scientific research about plant measurements and phenotyping in order to support the digital transformation of the agricultural sector… learn more.


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