A broad range of tools

Hiphen offers a wide range of sensors and acquisition hardware for high-throughput phenotyping.

Our data processing platform can handle the automatic mapping of your field / trial boundaries, and it can automatically compute a wide array of traits.

We are here to assist you to give value to your data. Our knowledge on crop physiology and crop modelling can be helpful to link phenotyping and genotyping. 

Our products


Our homegrown multispectral camera developed for high precision plant phenotyping compatible with any device and vehicle.
Airphen transparent


Our portfolio of fully automated Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) designed for high-throughput plant phenotyping.

Bosch field sensor

Our monitoring device to assess your crop health in real-time.
An IoT product developed by our partner Bosch.

Our services

Acquisition &
Data processing

From designing the best acquisition protocols to processing and analysing your data, to compute the most relevant agronomical traits for your projects.

Proof of concept

Use our expertise to create the right application for your project.


Our online data processing platform to automate your data analysis wherever you are in the world.

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about Hiphen

Hiphen was created in 2014 with the goal to make operational the results of years of scientific research about plant measurements and phenotyping in order to support the digital transformation of the agricultural sector… learn more.


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